Michigan Family Photographer - Bio Photo

Hi, I’m Abby.

When we meet, chances are I’ll be smiling with both my top and bottom teeth showing! I may be only 5’ 1¼”, but I am a super boisterous human being who loves mornings and sunrises. I am a pizza fanatic and, if I didn’t care about my health as much as I do, I would enjoy it every day of the week. I don’t like being cold, which causes people to question why I live in Michigan. But then fall rolls around and I remember why. :) I’m a sucker for babies, which is why I am currently nannying for three different families whom I absolutely adore. Nothing beats the peace and quiet of editing pictures, though, while the world is still asleep. (A cup of coffee in hand, of course.)

Oh, and I tie dye. Like everything! I started my tie dye business 3 1/2 years ago to raise money for a Lutheran Bible Camp I attended for 19 years… and it blew up!! We now sell 65 different products, which we’ve shipped to all 50 states and 18 countries. We also just started selling our tie dye in several high-end boutiques in Michigan.

I don’t do well with free time, as you’ve probably gathered. When you love everything you do, why not spread all your eggs instead of keeping them in one basket! Last, but certainly not least, I am a travel/adrenaline junkie to the max. I once bungie jumped off the Victoria Falls Bridge in Africa with my dad, and it was absolutely INSANE!

You’re probably wondering how this whole photography thing got started, so let me fill you in on my journey thus far. At the ripe age of eight years old, humans would often bend down to my two-foot-tall little Abby face and ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was always, “A photographer and a mom with 12 kids.” THANKFULLY, my plan has changed just a little. ;) But my dream and passion to be the best photographer I can be hasn’t dwindled at all.

After not taking a single photography class in high school (because, when you graduate with 36 other students, photography class is not an option), I finally got to choose where I wanted to study photography in college. I graduated from Gwen Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography & Intermedia.

I can’t even begin to tell you the mass amounts of joy I feel being able to do what I love and call it my job. Life is so good.

Things I Love

Worshipping God

My 3 siblings who just so happen to be my best friends

Natural Light

Traveling, learning and studying other cultures

Great big bear hugs

Real laughs that make your belly hurt

Talks with my Granny

Sunshine shining on my face on a cold winter day

Tie dyeing anything and everything white

The pure innocence and imagination of kids

Forgiveness & Grace

"Abby Bartes does more than just capture your picture on film; she creates an experience of memories that will last a lifetime."